Make your laptop speakers louder with this free program


Is your laptop sound not loud enough? Ever watch Netflix on your laptop and can’t hear what they are saying in the movie? Well here is a free piece of software that will amplify your laptop speakers so you can actually hear. Equalizer APO is the free application that will boost the sound on your laptop so you can finally hear what they are saying on YouTube or watching Netflix.

Step 1: Download & Install Equalizer APO

Step 2: Open Equalizer APO Application

Step 3: Click on the Preamplification Power Button

Step 4: Raise the Gain by clicking over the dial and moving it to the right.
WARNING: Be careful to not damage your ear drums or damage your speakers by raising it too much. Try to find that sweet spot but try to have it be as low as possible to avoid the risk of hurting your hearing as well as your laptop speakers.


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